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Nice that you are interested in a guest article. I always look forward to new topics, ideas and fresh wind because there are a variety of topics that we cannot all cover.

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A guest article for companies

A guest article is a good way to advertise the company or to upgrade your own domain with a backlink. I have over 25,000 readers per month and the chance that you will win new customers through the guest article is very high.

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Customers win through guest articles

With the help of guest articles, you can reach a new reader group and have the advantage that articles in well-known magazines or on blogs like Projektify are not as popular for readers as on corporate corporate blogs. You can use it to acquire new customers who read the article on Projektify and are then directed to your company website by a link.

Importance of a backlink through guest articles

A backlink or back reference is an incoming external link from another website to your other. For search engines, this is a primary means of how significant a website is. The number of backlinks is a factor in how important a website is and whether it enjoys a high reputation on the web.

Conditions for Guest Article

With the ordering of a Guestarticle you also accept the Conditions for a Guestarticle

Information about the guest article

1. Is the article marked as advertising?

Normally not. Only if it includes advertisment than I need to clarify them as commerical with a small box because of the german law. If this should be a problem – just contact me and we will find a solution.

2. Is the link Dofollow or Nofollow?


3. How long does the article stay online (guaranteed term)?

As long as my blog exists at least 3 years.

4. Is the article creation included or should we deliver the article (both possible)?

I can write the article for an additional charge of 50 euros (400 words)

5. If we deliver the text, do you have any special requirements for the text creation (e.g. length of text in words, language style, address)?

No. I am completely uncomplicated and flexible!

6. How long is the processing time approximately (in working days)?

It takes a maximum of 48h

7. Must an author be specified?

It can go online anonymously or by specifying an author.

8. How can I pay?

I only accept IBAN and Paypal (no fee). Other services are excluded or must be discussed with me beforehand. There is always a bill.

9. is the article visible on the home page?

I decide this on a case-by-case basis. As a rule, it will not be visible on the home page.

10. will the article be in the Google index in any case?

I cannot guarantee this. I also take out articles if they are not indexed by Google.

11. what else do I need to know?

You can find the terms and conditions for the guest article here. You accept them with your order. However, I will explicitly point this out to you in an email.

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The Significance of Guest Articles in Content Strategy

Diverse Perspectives and Expertise

Guest articles introduce fresh viewpoints and expertise to your platform. By inviting external contributors, you tap into a wider pool of knowledge, enriching your content with varied insights.

Broadening Audience Reach

Guest articles allow you to extend your reach to new audiences. Contributors often bring their own followers, enhancing your visibility and potentially attracting a broader readership.

Establishing Authority and Credibility

Featuring guest writers, particularly those with established expertise, enhances your platform’s credibility. It signifies that recognized figures value your platform enough to contribute, boosting your authority in your niche.

Building Relationships and Networking

Collaborating with guest authors fosters relationships within your industry. This networking can lead to further opportunities, such as partnerships, collaborations, or even future contributions.

Content Diversity and Variety

Diverse content keeps your audience engaged. Guest articles inject a different style, tone, or approach, ensuring your content remains dynamic and captivating.

Tackling Niche Topics in Depth

Experts often possess specialized knowledge. Guest articles enable you to delve deep into specific niche topics, providing comprehensive insights that may be otherwise challenging to cover.

Staying Updated with Trends and Insights

Guest authors often bring the latest trends, research, or industry updates. This keeps your content current and aligned with the most recent developments in your field.

Enhancing SEO and Organic Traffic

Quality guest posts can contribute to improved SEO. Backlinks from reputable sources enhance your website’s authority, potentially leading to higher rankings in search engine results.

Fostering a Community of Contributors

Encouraging guest contributions cultivates a community around your platform. It shows that you value diverse voices and encourages others to share their knowledge.

Expanding Content Frequency

Guest articles supplement your content calendar. This can be especially valuable during busy periods or when you’re seeking a fresh perspective to maintain consistent posting.

Avoiding Content Burnout

Regularly producing content can be demanding. Guest articles provide relief for your in-house team, preventing burnout and ensuring a sustainable content creation process.

Showcasing New Talent and Emerging Voices

Inviting guest writers offers a platform for emerging talent. It allows you to support and amplify the voices of up-and-coming experts in your industry.

Educating and Informing Your Audience

Different contributors bring different teaching styles. Guest articles diversify the educational aspect of your content, catering to various learning preferences within your audience.

Navigating Controversial or Sensitive Topics

Expert guest authors can navigate sensitive topics adeptly, bringing nuanced perspectives and maintaining a balanced discourse.

Adapting to Industry Shifts and Changes

In rapidly evolving industries, guest articles can swiftly adapt to emerging trends, ensuring your platform remains relevant and up-to-date.

In conclusion, guest articles play a pivotal role in a comprehensive content strategy. They enrich your platform with diverse voices, expand your reach, and establish credibility within your niche. By integrating guest contributions into your content plan, you create a dynamic, informed, and engaged community around your platform.